is an online security tool. This scanner is probably the best way to check your security issues from your website or from your web application. With cyber security you can check your XSS vulnerabilities or SQL Injection vulnerabilities. Already this tool will let you know how many websites are on same IP address and what port are open or filtered. Cybersecurity is a powerfull tool and can detect many security issues. This tool can be used on free mode or full mode. We recomend you for first time to have an security audit and if you discover security issues we strongly recommend to use full version scan to detect and solve the issues. The question of this online tool was ...why pay so many money for penetration tools when you can pay so less and the results are the same?! So in conclusion we suggest you to use and you will see the results. onlinesecurity tools modules: Clickjacking Scan XSS Header Scan SQL-Injection Scan Redirection Scan RFI ? LFI Scan HTTPS Certificate Scan Form Scan Server Scan All results you can download in PDF format. so you can use this for ISO certifieds or for GDPR or for other security audits. This tool is dedicated for everybody, for developers tot est theirs projects before go live, for pentesters because we have an API and you can redistribute this tool or for managers where you can check the quality of your online business. This tool is recomended already for SEO agencyes because if your website was haccked your rank will be go down and in finaly your website will have a big penaly from google. In conclusion everybody who have a website can use this tool in both way free (light) scan or full scan. Just use it and you will see the power and this secyrity tool. The false positive on our tool is almost 0%.