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What To Consider When Selecting A WEB HOSTING 


Things to consider when choosing a web hosting SERVICE? Here are the features to counting on. 


1. Hosting for novices or experts?


Website hosting services could be designed for  beginners with no previous web design or coding experience OR for experts in web coding. No matter your level, you can use hosting website services for blogging, basic websites, or even for implementing advanced web solutions. 


2. What features do you need? 


The most important is the uptime. You would want that your website to be live permanently, right? If your website is down, that`s meaning no visitors. 


Other features you should be aware of are Bandwidth, Disk Storage, Data Transfer, Domains Support, FTP Access, CPanel Access, Password Protected Directories, Email Features.


3. Why you should archiving and backup your website?


Backup is crucial for the stability of a website and you should backup your website as fast as you can. In most cases, hosting plans include the backup but you have to do it permanently.


4. How to secure your website via hosting?


First, be sure your hosting website provider has not been hacked before. A simple search in search engines about that hosting will reveal most of the data you need. 


Security is essential if you want to keep your website safe from hackers. Some of the common security features taken into consideration include: SSL Certification, 

Malware scans, Blacklisting, Anti-spam email monitoring, Website application scans.



5. What hosting plan is the best for your website?


The price for a hosting plan includes the database storage of your website, the bandwith, number of email addresses and other features specified in your website hosting plan.  


We offer web hosting services with monthly payments or one-year discounted plan. Money Back Guarantee!


Do you need to be an expert in website design? No! The most popular types of web hosting offer help in web design. We are one of them! Contact us today.



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